More than just buying a crane!!!

From past until now, EXCELLIFT has carried out projects from well known international EPC contractors with:

  • Tough project specifications
  • Strict project quality requirements
  • Comprehensive documentations
Repeated orders have been received as a result of our jobs well-done in all these works.

EXCELLIFT with vast experiences in handling international projects is able to offer EPC contractors not only the lifting equipments but also technical and engineering services, project documentations and quality control management.

During the project execution stage, starting from the first day of kick-off meeting up to the time cranes are delivered and installed at site, EXCELLIFT’s engineers will manage and coordinate the project closely with EPC contractor to ensure the cranes are seamlessly meeting the project requirements.

Excellift is able to provide site supervision and technical services to the EP contractor in many of the installations.

*Engineering, Procurement and Construction


2008, Saudi Arabia

90/5t Ex-proof Overhead Crane

2010, India

2.9t Explosion-Proof Special Design Slewing Jib Crane

2014, Malaysia

200/25t x 35m Span Overhead Crane for Turbine Building

2016, Philippines

50/10t Gantry Crane

2017, Panama

30/5t Explosion-Proof Overhead Crane (Zone 1)